Chatting with Wout @ Circus Family Amsterdam

Earlier this week I had the pleasure to chat with Circus Family’s founder and creative director, Wout Westen. I met Wout at SXSW, where they presented their latest interactive installation, Triph. Circus Family started 10 years ago - a couple of friends with passion for snowboarding and photography, and slowly formed into an audiovisual studio focusing on installations, films and motion graphics.

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  • 3:00 - work approach - developing concepts, supported by technology
  • 6:45 - SPA rain projection
  • 12:21 - developing new skills
  • 15:45 - NYCxDesign LED installation
  • 19:42 - Triph interactive installation
  • 27:51 - Yellow Claw interactive VJ set
  • 31:09 - Circus future

SPA rain project




Yellow Claw visuals