Chatting with Strangeloop

David was one of the first to support Whitestone back in 2015. Since then we had many conversations about music, audiovisual art and technology. We also had a chance to collaborate a bit on an interactive edition of The Gaslamp Killer’s Instrumentalepathy and Daedelus’ Labyrinths. Next week we’ll share the stage at SXSW! Check out the conversation below, and a couple of shots from the Bonobo show (which is on tour these days), as well as some other audiovisual works, experiments and sketches.

Discover more of David's work on the Strangeloop site, Instagram, Soundcloud and Vimeo.

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  • 3:10 - Creative process in creating virtual worlds 
  • 7:00 - Improvisation in music and audiovisual art
  • 10:36 - Developing as a multidisciplinary artist
  • 17:56 - The next step for live audiovisual art
  • 26:57 - Recent projects
Bonobo show by Strangeloop Studios
Audition // Phonation short film
3D and fractals
Drawings and sketches