Chatting with EFFIXX

Anthony Ciannamea is an artist and creative director. His work involves motion, film and music. He is also leading 79A - a hybrid label that creates unique music releases and conceptual music artifacts. We had quite a long chat, and it’s a nice one. We’re both in Austin now, getting ready for our panel and drinking some damn good IPAs.

Check out more of EFFIXX' work at and 79A


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  • 9:21 - Creative process and surrounding yourself with inspiring
  • 20:01 - Current projects with the 79A  
  • 29:25 - Breaking out of tradition, rethinking music artifacts
  • 45:50 - Hackie cardboard VR vs. full blown Vive VR

Reel 2017

Shot from the upcoming VR app for Telefon Tel Aviv [79A, w/Steve Teeple & Tim Saccenti]
The Art of Listening - Main Title
Deru 1979 | The Observe Box
Deru + EFFIXX / 1979 Live
Alek Fin - Lift Up (Feat Robot Koch)
Visual research