Chatting with Cabbibo

In the past year, I found myself in really interesting conversations with artists. We talk about art, music, technology, creativity and challenges. I felt like these conversations will be interesting for other artists to hear, so I decided to start recording some of them.  This is the first one, featuring Isaac Cohen aka Cabbibo, who is a brilliant artist, working in the virtual reality space. 

I hope you'll enjoy the conversation. You can explore Isaac's work on and

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  • 01:51 - Failure and perspective
  • 10:57 - Using technology, tools and their limitations as means of artistic expression
  • 13:45 - Upcoming projects
  • 22:38 - Taking VR further with quality content
  • 26:39 - Overcoming technical challenges
  • 30:28 - Education, art and technology

Here are some of the works we talked about:

Cabbibo - Enough
Cabbibo - Rainbow Membrane
Rainbow Membrane‍