Interactive Adventuras

The following artists were challenged to create an audio/midi reactive art piece using Mike Gao's track Adventura. Within a few days, and using only web technologies, they created vibrant visualizers. Check them out!
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Contest winner


Anywhere remote
threejs, webaudio API, es6
Honorable mention

Torin Blankensmith & Peter Whidden

Seattle, United States
three.js, shaders, fractal noise, web workers, tween.js, dat.gui

Scott Darby

Bristol, England
Three.js, WebGL, JavaScript, Webpack
All participating artists

Daniele Pelagatti

Florence, Italy
threejs, web audio api, gsap

Neri Barnini

Florence, Italy
threejs, web audio api, gsap

Kelly Chang

New York, United States

Dexter J Shepherd

Los Angeles, United States
three.js, p5.sound.js

Patrik Huebner

Paderborn, Germany
three.js, p5.js.sound, html5 canvas, webgl

Alvin Ourrad

London, England
WebGL, three.js, WebAudio, p5.js, npm modules

Mike Gao

Los Angeles, United States

Davide Prati

Berlin, Germany
threejs, shaders

Yannis Gravezas

Athens, Greece
Three.js, Clubber.js, A-Frame

Etienne Gaspard

Freiburg, Germany