About Whitestone

Whitestone is an initiative to push online music through visuals and interactivity - a place to discover music in a different way.  Our mission is to connect musicians with visual artists - illustrators, filmmakers, creative developers, animators and others who see music differently.

Whitestone was named after the inventor of the record sleeve – Alex Steinweiss (Whitestone in German). In the late 1930s, Steinweiss became the first art director for Columbia records where he introduced a wider application of album covers and cover art. “They were so drab, so unattractive,” said Steinweiss, “I convinced the executives to let me design a few.” The record sleeve allowed artists to add a visual layer to their music. This changed the way listeners experience music forever. 

Today, artists and creators around the world use technology to add visual and interactive layers to music. We're here to highlight these groundbreaking experiences and help them reach new audiences.

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